The first month of 2018 and the first trip outside Europe. We’ve chosen Marrakech, where I stocked up on woven bags and jewellery boxes. Beautiful place to shop with equally beautiful weather! Perfect getaway from our gloomy London 

Rock It

Do you like burgundy tights? They lay in the shelf I have a whole year. And today, I decided to try on them with this skirt. It turned out cool, as for me. Biker jacket is quite good quality. I like this lacing at the sides. New Year has started very well! I have an iPhone and I can make nice pictures. To be honest, it seems to me that the time of cameras is gone. Stylish pictures can be taken on the phone. The main good lighting. If you are a photographer, is another matter.

Have a Gucci new year

Make sure you check out the Gucci at Saks Fifth in the Galleria for some amazing new year shopping. Wearing Gucci from head to toe and phone in this look 😛

New Haircut

Hey. I now have a new hairstyle. I love. Just another look. This idea came to me at night. And in the morning I went to the salon.