We’re Starring in a National Commercial

You guys, the day is FINALLY here! The commercial Josiah and I shot with Bearpaw Shoes last spring is finally out and we are going to be on TV! Check out the full 15 second spot below and keep an eye out for us on your television screen this fall!

There are truly no words to express how grateful and excited I am to be a part of this Fall/Winter Campaign. For the past week I’ve been trying to figure out how to express just how much this means to me but every word comes up short! Y’ALL. I have ZERO chill!!


Here are a few fun stills from our shoot!

How did we do in our first commercial?

With love,


Fashion Houston X

Had an amazing time at the Fashion Houston X event this past weekend. Chloe Dao was one of the featured designers. I remember watching her from Project Runway back when I was in highschool. It’s inspiring to see her continue do what she enjoys and still killing it. 


Growing up, I’ve always been into art and crafting. I think it’s wonderful to utilize your creative side and seeing how beautiful you can create something out of inspiration. Today, I continue to do so through pop and music. Andy Warhol is definitely one of my inspiring role models. Who is yours?