Autumn Stylish Look

This image is very close to me. In everyday life I often wear jeans, t-shirts and shoes on a low soles. It’s convenient and stylish if you pick everything right. At first I jeans with embroidery seemed too strange. As a teenager, I had jeans with gold embroidery. And associations were not the best for me. But here right now and I like these jeans. With a white shirt at all is a great option. I almost forgot to tell you about this bag. It is made of genuine leather and very cool. I’m shocked that such a thing can be bought on a Chinese site.


Love keeping things simple when I don’t want to think too much about fashion. And these Zara kitten mules go with just about everything I own!

Secret to healthy curls

I’ve been using the amazing Complex 5 oils from Renè Furterer to nourish my scalp and give me amazingly healthy and bouncy curls! It’s a must try 🙌🏼

Levi’s 501

The most comfortable jeans you’ve ever had! Levi’s 501, especially the old edition when they still were made of 100% cotton. Perfect fit and feel. I myself own a few pairs in different sizes just to play with the fit. They can create so many outfits you can’t even imagine!!