I’ve ordered that set thinking it’s going to be  a wool or something similar. Haven’t read the description properly and I ended up with plenty of pleats. Surprisingly they look better than expected and it’s definitely one of the most comfortable looks 


This little silk shirt was made by my aunt for her daughter about 30 years ago. I love clothes with stories behind. It’s so much more exciting than wearing something new from a high street brand 

brown jumpsuit

Ahh how I like these photos. Color, autumn, clothes are suitable. This weekend we walked in the woods. There are no yellow trees and fallen leaves yet. Autumn air is breezy, but not cold. You can safely wear a jacket and shoes or boots and jacket. My favourite time of the year. Even the rains are not a hindrance, but they were not even there. Jumpsuit color with short trousers and velvet beret. That’s what I need for beautiful pictures.