Face down, ass up, am I doing it right? Society has been trying to tell us how to be for centuries. I’m here to break that. 


My New fave texture- snakeskin. Especially shiny black as this vintage oversized coat I came across in one of the second hand shops. What an amazing item !

The Best Denim Jacket Ever

Today I want to show you my new favorite jeans jacket. I really like these long sleeves and the “huge” size. And I almost forgot, the drawing on my back !! It’s such a powerful show. About the bag, I wrote in some of the previous posts. If you like – look through! Boots gave me my husband and I’m infinitely happy. I managed to find them at a discount on answear.

Spring In All Black

I love wearing darker colors so I’m savoring these last few cooler days before it gets hot out and I’m forced to wear breezier clothing. 
This bralette from is perfect as a top and I like pairing it with ripped jeans for a slightly breezier look. It’s a great combo for this time of year!

With love,

And there she was..

Standing there in glitz and glam. Her long coat of shimmer had these devil like shoulders that can catch everyone’s eyes in a room. Her hair was curled which created a contrasted look. She was almost like a walking disco ball.